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Inesa USA | Soluciones eléctricas | Elektra Group Company

We provide electrical solutions
to European clients
with a presence in the USA

INESA's commitment to meeting its clients' needs is based on the concept of a one-stop supplier of electrical material and the manufacture of panels and cables under UL and CE standards. INESA focuses its activities on searching for electrical solutions for companies that have their own Engineering and Development departments in Europe, in which they design the projects that are then applied and maintained in the USA, and where they come across the problem that the designed material does not match the material supplied by local companies.

INESA is a young, energetic company that was founded in 2010 in Milwaukee, in the state of Wisconsin (USA), and which is backed by the Elektra Group, a leading business group in Spain, and whose main line of work is the distribution of electrical and electronic material.

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Inesa USA | Elektra Group Company

Elektra group

A solid group with a strategy based on joint growth with its main clients.

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Specialists in the supply and connection of electrical equipment.

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Collaboration with leading brands worldwide.

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